Since its launch in 2013, applications processed through business incubators have been popular with high success rate. Some reasons of its popularity include:

- Business incubators are located in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver
- Short application processing time, 12-16 months
- Granting of permanent residency status is independent of the success of business
- High degree of control in investments funds

Other requirements of applications are language and health exams, zero criminal record, business background, and sufficient amount of money as living expenses during the course of operation of business. In addition, business ideas have to be innovative and can create jobs in Canada.

With our vast experience and long term collaboration with local professionals and associates, PPSW provides guidance to applicants throughout the whole application process to ensure the stated requirements are met at all stages.


The provincial government regularly selects qualified persons for immigration according to the ranking of the applicants’ EOI scores. Nominees can choose to invest in new or existing businesses which creates at least 2 full-time jobs for local Canadians.

- Gives access to permanent residency in the province nominees choose to apply for
- Express entry possible
- Some examples of existing profitable local businesses that applicants can invest in include cafes and restaurants, schools, learning facilities and farms.